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Slowly tweaking combat stuff… Taking its time, but it’s coming together

Sexy poofs!


The creative project ’Show Us Your Type' has different designers submitting typographic illustrations of different cities. 

Curated by the collective NEUE, each edition focuses on a city, and designers who wish to participate can upload a poster on the website

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Still having too much fun. Oh look that thing glows!
First time using Unity and I’m bouncing a ball in the sky! This is a pretty fun start to the year!

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AI-AE Anchor Point Ignorance

Import -> Composition - Retain Fucking Layer Sizes = Anchor points magically centered.

⌘+X -> ⌘+L -> ⌘+F -> ⌘+F1

How on earth does illustrator not have shortcuts for layer-locking?

1) Record a new Action (Window -> Actions -> Create New Action -> Hit “Record” -> Click out your combo -> Hit “Stahp”).
2) Double-click your new Action for Action Options (on the name to rename, on the end for Options).
3) Look for the Function Key drop-down and set up your keyboard shortcut.